We are really pleased to have seen our juniors competing strongly at the Cornish and National Stillwater competitions this year. With a brand new batch of nipper juniors coming up we have been able to put forward teams of boys and girls for both events.

Some notable results include:

Cornish Stillwaters:
Lowen Diplock only started this year with the club and gave the u17s a go, despite googles coming off alot! did all the events.
Anya 5th u15 girls Obstacle race, , Terry 1st 13yrs boys Obstacle race, Seth 4th 13yrs boys Obstacle race, Jackson 6th 13yrs Boys Obstacle race
Eloise 4th Manikin tow with Fins, Harry 8th Manikin tow with fins, Evie D 6th Maniikin tow with fins, Terry 2nd Manikin tow with fins, Jackson 4th Manikin tow with fins
Leonor 6th Manikin carry with fins, Bob 5th Manikin carry with fins, Terry 1st Manikin carry with fins, Seth 4th Manikin carry with fins

u15 girls came 2nd in the Medley relay, 2nd in the Obstacle relay
13yr boys came 3rd in the u15 Obstacle race.

Timon u17s
6th in the Rescue Medley
6th in the Manikin carry with fins
4th in the Manikin tow with fins.

Terry 13yrs
3rd Manikin carry, 3rd Manikin carry with fins 1st manikin tow with fins …with a NATIONAL RECORD

Eloise u15s - 6th in the Manikin tow with fins.

Evie Chappell - 26th in Manikin with fins, Emma Kaye - 21st in the tricky rescue medley, Leonor Beer Robson - 18th in Manikin Tow, Anya Durkin - 14th In Manikin Tow, Bob Sproull 13th in Manikin Tow with fins, Jackson New 12th in Manikin carry & Manikin Tow

u15s girls came 7th in the Manikin Carry relay
u15 boys came 4th in the Manikin Carry relay.

We are very proud of our junior team and want to thank all of the parents and coaches for getting them to the events - this is the strongest junior team that we have had for many years and we are really looking forward to a great season on the beach.